Celebrate with History

Built in 1921 by timber tycoon Simon Benson, the Columbia Gorge Hotel quickly became known as the "Waldorf of the West". A magnificent villa perched on a scenic cliff, the hotel offered sweeping views of the majestic Columbia River, as well as the very finest accommodations and dining in the Northwest.

Our hotel was a favored retreat for movie stars such as Clara Bow, Rudolph Valentino, and Shirley Temple, presidents like Theodore Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge, and many other social and political dignitaries.  The days of steamers and speakeasies, of Valentino and the Model T, the Charleston and jazz at The Cotton Club all come to life at the Columbia Gorge Hotel.

The lush romantic ambiance of our vast history meets our present day lavish service to give you the experience  of Royalty.

Celebrate in Modern Elegance

Since 1921 couples from all over the world have come to the idyllic Columbia Gorge Hotel to make vows, create memories, and rekindle romances.  Home to the 2nd largest waterfall, standing at 208 feet, in the Columbia Gorge, Wah Gwin Gwin, stunning landscapes and sweeping vistas of the Columbia River, the Columbia Gorge Hotel is the idyllic Pacific Northwest  setting for the celebration of a life time. 




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